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The Finger Lakes Chapter, like the Finger Lakes Conference, is comprised of all the local councils in the diocese of Rochester.

However, while the purpose of the Conference is to handle what might be described as the regional internal political workings of the Order, the Chapter exists to provide these Councils with a mechanism by which to unite for Fraternal action.

The biggest projects, in this region, in recent years, have involved the support of religious vocations.
Chapter President
Gary Stephany

Chapter Vice-President
John M. Wolf

Chapter Treasurer
Richard Decker

Chapter Secretary
Kenneth H. Carlsen

We are trying to improve the Finger Lakes Chapter.
Therefore, we are looking for some feedback from our local councils.
If you are willing to help us out, please take our member survey.

Survey Link.

Some members have asked about getting the Chapter Directory.
We do want it to be available to those who should have it.
At the same time, we want to prevent spammers and telemarketers from getting it.

What we're going to try is email requests for the directory.
Use the link, below, to send your request.
If you are in the directory, or we know you, we will send you a copy.
If not, you'll have to get someone, who is authorized, to request it for you.
Request Directory.

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